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“We are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

-Pierre de Chardin

Bianca Star is a natural born Psychic Medium. She believes it to be a gift given to her by her paternal grandmother who passed two years before Bianca was born. Through out her life Bianca has had her grandmother as a great spiritual support, guide, and protector.


Bianca has been able to help others become more aware of the spiritual energy around them, and she is also able to help you become more aware of the signs loved ones leave to show you that they are still here.


She believes in the power of spiritual energy, something we carry through this world and will continue to have when we pass. Our loved ones spiritual energy along with spiritual guides, and Angels are constantly around us to help us and guide us. Bianca takes what she does very seriously and wants you to have the best spiritual connection when you are with her.


Please remember that a reading with Bianca Star may be very enlightening. She should never be considered as a substitute for Licensed Legal or Medical Services.

"Always be of Value"

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